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Auto Repair Services since 1989, now with new owner David Okarlton

Established 1989, however shop ownership changed to David Okarlton in the middle of 2022. Cary Automotive Repair and Service has been serving the community with advanced technology and unsurpassed customer service.

Cary Automotive Repair and Service is a one stop service shop. Our experienced technicians can solve any problem in your vehicle. Our technicians are proficient in the most up-to-date methods of diagnosing automotive computerized systems.

Our Computerized Systems

We use sophisticated latest information systems which enables us to stay current with thousands of car schematics, diagrams and parts. our data base also allows us to give you the most accurate estimates on repairs.

Our Principles

All replaced parts are saved for your inspection. Estimates are given before jobs are started and we do it all at a fair price. If you need references please contact us. You may also read testimonials from our many satisfied customers.

Choose the Oil Change service that is right for you!

Regular oil changes reduce wear and tear on your engine and extend the life of your car. That's why we offer a range of oil change options designed to match any vehicle need. Our experienced technicians use premium oils, filters, and parts to keep your car running well and running longer.

Service Options Include:
  • Basic: The economical choice that includes fully synthetic motor oil and filter, plus thorough check over.

  • Preferred: Premium service with engine flush and add fully synthetic motor oil and filter. Plus thorough check over to make sure your vehicle continues running strong.

  • Performance: Ultimate service from the ultimate experts. We will complete Preferred service plus add Liqui Moly oil additive

Suspension Services

For better steering, handling, tire wear and a more comfortable ride, we have your options!

The suspension system is not something to neglect because it supports your vehicle and affects steering, handling, braking, tire wear and ride control. In addition, an improperly aligned vehicle will cause premature tire wear resulting in significant replacement expense well before it should have been necessary.

We offer all of the common suspension and ride control products and services like shocks, struts, balancing and alignment.